10 points why fashion business is the way to go

  1. 100% of people in the UK wear clothes, did you know? Source: Research Department of Sebix Ltd. So success in this business is obvious, isn’t it? Just in case – let’s keep it secret.
  2. Fashion business is supported by government. Don’t you believe? Just try to go without clothes in public places, you’ll find out quickly what’s the law here. Like it or not, you must buy clothes. That’s the law.
  3. Fancy new dress/top/trousers? You always find place for new item in your wardrobe. Try the same trick squeezing new car next to old one in your garage. Don’t have garage? You’re always lucky to have wardrobe. Clothes win.
  4. Shopping cures depression. If I make you happy with new clothes, I’m almost like doctor then. Awesome. Some people believe ice creams work too. I won’t argue.
  5. If clothes are not selling as they are no fashionable any more, there’s no need to worry. They’ll be fashionable back in 25 years – hide it as a treasure. It won’t work with mobile phones or other technical gadgets.
  6. There’s no bad clothes. If you start to wear something odd, you may be accidentally pioneering new trend. Style of punks or hipsters used to be perceived as weird once.
  7. Clothes don’t last forever. And no one complains about it. Unbelievable.
  8. Some people are obsessed by fashion. By reading this, you’re proving that I’m right.
  9. Fashion bloggers look great. Technical bloggers look like me.
  10. People like trying new things. Like Goths always wearing black and then suddenly switching to purple.

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