Shutting down blog – decision to give up

Shutting down blog - decision to give up - Dismaland Smile

Shutting down blog – this is something I was thinking about recently. Deleting it, ditching out on blogging entirely. Seriously. I’ve got one million excuses to not write, all of them could be summarised as simple “I don’t have time for it”. Statement sufficient enough to give up.

Not only blogging…

There was one other situation I had a few days ago. I started to work on one new project and it drove me crazy. This project became source of stress and frustration. When I realised that, I stopped. For a few minutes. I stopped to think what was wrong with this whole situation. And I found the answer.

I realised that root cause of problem was my personal approach. Problem was that I put my focus on results and became nervous when they weren’t visible in desired time. Then I thought about one important thing I long forgot:

We should enjoy everything we do

That’s it. We’ve got just one life and it’s up to us to make it either miserable or enjoyable. So if we do something, we should enjoy it. Or don’t bother. Looking from other perspective – if we decide to sacrifice our time and energy for some activity, we need to ensure it’s something what makes positive impact on us. If it could have positive impact on others as well, that’s even better.

I realised that I needed to switch my focus from expected results to activity itself – if I like it, I should do it. No other reason is necessary. Results will come eventually anyway.

So what about shutting down blog?

I think all of us have moments of doubts from time to time. It is then necessary to review our priorities, what we want to do and if we do anything then we need think again about most important part – why did we start? One of my personal reasons to start blogging is included in post: My biggest challenge: communication. There are a few more good reasons, but the key point is if I like it or not.

I do.

As much as I enjoy working my projects. There are quite often obstacles, lack of immediate results, lack of time and a lot of different discouraging moments, but generally this is something I like doing.

I understand now that no other reason is necessary to continue. I’m not giving up. I don’t go with shutting down blog then, I’m not abandoning my projects. At least as long as there’s still some fun doing it 🙂

I hope you all enjoy everything you’re doing and can do everything you enjoy!


In the end, I’d like to say big thank you to all who supports me, especially to these, who help me open my eyes to certain facts. A few words is sometimes enough to change someone’s approach. Thanks.

The Sunshine Blogger Award

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Not so long ago I was nominated by Michael David from A Classic Gent for The Sunshine Blogger Award. Have a read of his post here. This is my first nomination, so thanks a lot for that!

Rules For The Sunshine Blogger Award

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog;
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you;
  • Nominate 11 bloggers to receive this award and ask them 11 new questions; and
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog site.

Michael’s Questions

1. What do you consider to be your biggest strength?

Ability to sort out technical problems. As a full time geek (computer engineer) I really enjoy it. If there is a problem to resolve, I never ask IF it is possible to do it, instead I’m finding out HOW to it. And I’ve got enough patience and determination to do that, as sometimes huge amount of time is required to succeed.

2. If you could pick up and master any skill in just one day, what skill would it be? (Playing an instrument, speaking a language? Etc)

 I won’t be original here – my choice would be mastering guitar. This is on my TO DO list, however due to other priorities it may need to wait until I’m retired 😀 If I could achieve that within one day, that’s the time I can sacrifice for it this year 🙂

3. What is the best place you have visited as a tourist and why?

 Rhodes, Greece.


Great place for both lazy time on the beach and for visiting interesting historical places. So I did that interchangeably. I was also impressed by the night life in the capitol of this island – you can go for shopping up to late hours or choose one of many ships waiting to take you for night cruise. I had impression that people didn’t sleep there at all 🙂

4. What are your three favourite films?

  • Wild at Heart (1990, David Lynch)
  • Natural Born Killers (1995, Oliver Stone)
  • The Matrix (1999, The Wachowskis)

5. List 3 fun things you would like to do before you die.

  • Create independent film.
  • Play some music on stage (after mastering guitar in one day 🙂 )
  • Learn to fly a plane.

6. If you could go back in time to any point in history, and stay there for 24 hours, just observing, where would you go and why?

 I’d like to go back to the point when pyramids where built to find out what amazing technology was used for this job. Other choice would be to go to Vikings times as that’s my favourite historical period.

7. What is the most you have ever won or lost in one session of gambling or on a bet?

The biggest money I lost was £2 and I did it just because it was kind of lottery organised for charity. Normally, I don’t gamble.

8. What is your most prized material possession?

My car.

9. What are your main goals (not blog related) for 2018?

To put bigger focus on healthy lifestyle – more exercising, better diet and add some work on spiritual side as well. To be happy and share it with others.

10. Who is the most famous person you have met face to face? Briefly describe the encounter.

It was many years ago in Poland, when I met Roman Kostrzewski  – leader of music band Kat. They were founded in ’80s and are considered as fathers of Polish Heavy Metal. I met him once just on a bus stop, we started to talk somehow and then had a chat through entire bus journey (about 1h).

11. What is your favourite alcoholic beverage?

Mead. Did I mention my interest in Vikings history? This beverage is symbol of that epoch – it wasn’t just ordinary alcohol in those times but was related to many rituals and left its presence in Nordic myths and legends. My personal recommendation is to drink it slightly heated – warm, but never hot. Great especially in cold days.

My Questions

  1. What motivates you to keep blogging?
  2. What is your favourite band/singer from previous century?
  3. If you wanted go to other country for 1 year, which one would it be and why?
  4. What is your source of creativity? Where do you find inspiration?
  5. The most hilarious situation from your job/school.
  6. What are your favourite clothes?
  7. If you could become film character, who would you choose?
  8. What was your best and your worst shopping experience?
  9. What is your favourite social media and what would you add/change to make it better?
  10. What do you find most relaxing for you?
  11. Can you imagine your life without Internet?

I nominate:

I’d like to read your post –  please remember to tag me on Twitter (@FashionButHow) when you publish your answers. And if you find it fun, please share and subscribe 🙂


Extra: if you’d like to see who I was talking about in point 10, try this video:

Planning is great, but…

Devon Landscape with River

Let me tell you a story. It was years ago in a small town in Wiltshire, when I had one Friday evening without any plans at all. And was just walking with my friend around the town. Without any special purpose. Suddenly appeared option to come for weekend to friends in Bristol. So I was asked if I wanted to go and informed that if I did, then train to Bristol was expected in 5 minutes, so I had to decide quick.

It was nice weekend. Other surprise was that after night in Bristol we went to Devon for 2 days.

Waterfall somewhere in Devon

We went completely unprepared and it ended up to be quite nice time. I even tried surfing for the first time in my life.

In business, every professional book says that everything should be planned. Business plan comes first, followed by plenty of detailed plans, strategies and all sorts of formalised TO DO lists. The same applies to professional blogging – scheduled posts and tweets and lists of topics to cover for next half year are common.

It is all good.

But… When unexpected opportunity appears, f**k schedules and go ahead! There’s no such thing like coincidence – if something appears in our life, there must be reason for that. Don’t overthink such chances, just trust your feelings and make us of them. All in all, deep inside we always know what’s right.


Extra: Some unusual music I found this week. My recent chance to try something new.

10 days without coffee

Addictions are good. They give sense of live, help to cope with everyday problems and can be powerful motor for all our actions. Being addicted to anything for years, it is difficult to imagine life without our favourite magic. It becomes lifestyle, part of our daily routine, something we cannot live without.

Or can we?

I decided to undertake a challenge to give up my last, the longest and strongest addiction – caffeine. 10 days trial.

First day – terrible headache was killing me. Ordinary painkillers didn’t work. It was Thursday and I was at work – multiple complex problems to sort out with headache and without help of coffee, just perfect day. But I survived.

Second day – half conscious, but no headache. It came back little bit on Sunday and much worse on Monday. Kept me entire day. I thought about helping myself with little bit of tea – there is caffeine in it as well. But I finally decided – no cheating. When I drank tea, it was strawberry one or something similar. I Survived.

Through the next few days it was getting better, although I didn’t realise that initially. I realised however that it was giving up this habit was really hard, especially going through withdrawal symptoms and low mood – that was really discouraging. Believe me, for me it was much harder then giving up smoking years ago. Additionally, I lost this wonderful feeling of being fully awake in the morning after first cup.

So why bother?

After ten days I realised I don’t really need caffeine. It takes me longer to be fully awake but also takes me longer to get tired (so no need for extra shot of coffee every few hours). I was also told by someone close to me, that I became less nervous and shouted at people less often 🙂 Indeed, I think I started to better cope with stress. Actually, it’s  something more – many situation somehow became less stressful.

Addictions are good. They make us strong and powerful when we give them up. That’s the only real benefit they come with. At the time of writing this I must say, those initial 10 days planned extended to 3 weeks and will extend even more. I just feel better 🙂


Extra: drinking coffee isn’t that bad comparing to what these guys prefer: