Guest Post: METAS

Dear readers!
I would like to unveil you part of one version of my fairytale. It could be with explanation that META and AS in the end of my fairytale not come true. But there is a conception to better ideas.
Best regards.

Anna Kęskiewicz


Wherever the 22°34’E crosses with 51°14’N the Metas is located. On the map you will not find them only in that corner. The bigger of them has appeared. Plank- Bólbas was present! Anicet has been determined to arrive. Zygmunt was content. They did not eat cake with raisins and they ran away!


The platform vehicle moved them to the island. Balance. Next they have settled. Well… Who are you? Old Galeo shouted. There are rules from this planet, dear guests, Ladies and Gentleman. I invite you to have a meal, a plentiful table. Finally, berry juice with Andrzej and Barbara will reassure you. Until dawn, only the youngest Metas will not be garrulous … And so it happened.

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