How to gain 5 Facebook followers in just one month

Getting new followers on Facebook is not an easy task. But it’s possible. In this short blog article, I’m going to reveal best kept secret, how to draw attention to your blog. And how to gain not two or three but incredible amount of FIVE followers in just one month!
To achieve that, it is necessary to apply a few basic principles:

  1. Quality & Quantity
    • Make interesting content.
    • Make it regularly. I do it every month. Unless I’m on holiday, then I may need to postpone writing a little. But apart of that – no excuses!
    • Work on your writing style, progress will be visible with time. I know what I’m saying – it’s my 5th post, so I’m almost pro.
    • Make your content shareable. If you can share this post without issues, that proves it is. People may want to share your content but it needs to be technically possible.
    • Have quality pictures. Ideally, make them yourself. I did mine – aren’t they pretty?
  2. Interaction
    • Be responsive. Be active in all threads started on your page.
    • Answer any questions asked.
    • Do it personally, forget autoresponders and other forms of automation – people don’t want to be contacted by robots, unless these robots are R2D2 or C3PO.
    • Follow other blogs, they may follow you back (hey there, I’m still waiting!).
    • Contact influencers. If it fails, become one yourself – with 5 followers you’re one step closer to achieve that!
  3. Promotion
    • Invite your family and friends. Or skip this step – all them should see that you’ve got new FB page and will know what to do.
    • Put link to your FB on blog. It can be found usually on the bottom, but in case you miss it:

Great Facebook Page of my Blog

    • Invest in some advertisement. Unless your pretty sure you can get 5 followers on yourself, advertisement usually works. I invested some money in advertisement for my business and got 3 followers for business page. It works then but best blogs don’t need to pay for traffic.
    • Make blog article about your blog. Sure why not, there are films about films (e.g. “Tropic Thunder”), books featuring writers (most main characters in Stephen King books) and paintings featuring painters, example:

so blog about blogging seems to be right either.

Follow this strategy, and success is guaranteed.

For businesses: I can be hired to repeat this success for you company, as long as your budget is big and you’re not competing with my business. Contact me by Facebook.

And on the end traditionally, piece of beautiful music for you. As a fashion entrepreneur, I’m also really impressed by clothing style of these two ladies:


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  1. I am always wanting to improve my social media game 🙂 I don’t have Facebook though, but having knowledge is always a good thing when it comes to social media.

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