Shutting down blog – decision to give up

Shutting down blog – this is something I was thinking about recently. Deleting it, ditching out on blogging entirely. Seriously. I’ve got one million excuses to not write, all of them could be summarised as simple “I don’t have time for it”. Statement sufficient enough to give up.

Not only blogging…

There was one other situation I had a few days ago. I started to work on one new project and it drove me crazy. This project became source of stress and frustration. When I realised that, I stopped. For a few minutes. I stopped to think what was wrong with this whole situation. And I found the answer.

I realised that root cause of problem was my personal approach. Problem was that I put my focus on results and became nervous when they weren’t visible in desired time. Then I thought about one important thing I long forgot:

We should enjoy everything we do

That’s it. We’ve got just one life and it’s up to us to make it either miserable or enjoyable. So if we do something, we should enjoy it. Or don’t bother. Looking from other perspective – if we decide to sacrifice our time and energy for some activity, we need to ensure it’s something what makes positive impact on us. If it could have positive impact on others as well, that’s even better.

I realised that I needed to switch my focus from expected results to activity itself – if I like it, I should do it. No other reason is necessary. Results will come eventually anyway.

So what about shutting down blog?

I think all of us have moments of doubts from time to time. It is then necessary to review our priorities, what we want to do and if we do anything then we need think again about most important part – why did we start? One of my personal reasons to start blogging is included in post: My biggest challenge: communication. There are a few more good reasons, but the key point is if I like it or not.

I do.

As much as I enjoy working my projects. There are quite often obstacles, lack of immediate results, lack of time and a lot of different discouraging moments, but generally this is something I like doing.

I understand now that no other reason is necessary to continue. I’m not giving up. I don’t go with shutting down blog then, I’m not abandoning my projects. At least as long as there’s still some fun doing it 🙂

I hope you all enjoy everything you’re doing and can do everything you enjoy!


In the end, I’d like to say big thank you to all who supports me, especially to these, who help me open my eyes to certain facts. A few words is sometimes enough to change someone’s approach. Thanks.

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  1. An honest post, thank you for sharing. As you say, life is to short to not enjoy some of the things you do, especially if it is a hobby or pass time. I hope that, in writing this post you have gotten some clarity on your next steps.

    1. Thank you for your comment! You’re absolutely right – writing down some thought allows to get them out of chaos and put into order. To bring clarity, indeed. I think that’s one of many benefits of blogging 🙂

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