Why do I read blogs?

Almost every blogger in their lifetime wrote a post why did they start blogging. In this post I’m going to show opposite side and write about my reasons to read blogs. Please find below a list of magic 10 points why I like to spend time on this type of literature:

  1. I have time for it. Sometimes. Side effect of my professional work – I often need to wait for some tests to be completed. It’s usually too little time to start other tasks but enough for quick read.
  2. More waiting on many different occasions means more time for reading. Especially if I’m kind of grounded and cannot do anything else. Like waiting for MOT to be completed. However with more time available books win over blogs, sorry.
  3. I like to learn. Specialised blogs are great for this purpose. These can be technical, business oriented, about social media and more. And its possible to find anything from beginner level up to highly advanced, professional articles.
  4. I need entertainment sometimes as well. So I read some posts just for fun.
  5. I enjoy some posts as form of art, either due to specific writing style or interesting graphics/photos. With bigger focus on writing anyway.
  6. I like motivational posts, they give me – guess what – motivation to do more. Incredibly useful when level of energy is low. And regular reading of such posts changes thinking in positive way, highly recommended!
  7. I can learn from others how to write blog. I’m newbie.
  8. It is possible to find new ideas, get inspiration and move forward. More about it can be found in postΒ Where to find inspiration?
  9. It is good that there’s always possibility to leave comment and read some other comments – they’re quite often as interesting as post itself.
  10. The last point is that in many blogs I like personal approach to some topics – it is interesting to read someone’s view based on experience.


They were my reasons to read. If you ever doubt if it’s worth blogging – let them be your reason to write.


Extra: song from a band who also like to read and have lyrics inspired by books. I’m sure you know, what books:


11 Replies to “Why do I read blogs?”

  1. An extra reason for me, is knowing there’s another person/people behind that blog that – I assume – enjoy blogging. It feels good supporting something somebody enjoys.

    Nice post!

      1. True! I’ve seen some newspaper journalists in real life and, um, yeah… Let’s chalk it up to me accidentally seeing their smile upside down.

    1. Thanks for comment! I guess bloggers don’t mind if readers are little bit nosy, maybe it’s even better if they are – it comes with genuine interest in posts published πŸ™‚

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